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About Us

PMSelect’s mission is the recruitment and career development of project, programme and portfolio managers, consultants and executives.

PMSelect recruits able project professionals from a market now under supplied. We have built a strong search capability, a powerful network in the project management community and developed our own suite of tailor-made interview and assessment tools and methods. With these strengths, combined with our own professional experience and expertise in project management we find, interest, assess and recommend the most able people to our clients.

We are creative recruiters, serving our clients’ pursuit of competitive advantage and business success. We are relied upon to produce a strong short-list: never limited by the earliest thinking, not always from the obvious sources and often offering additional skills or fresh approaches; a step or two beyond those originally conceived.

A wide network of contacts in the project management community

PMSelect is extensively networked: a direct result of our success as recruiters and from our work supporting the career development of project management professionals. This strong position has been achieved through:

  • Our association with the project management community
  • Our strong research capability for locating able candidates
  • The presentation of papers at conferences and in specialist journals
  • The provision of ‘Strategy Pointers’ where our consultants act as mentor to support career planning
  • The relationships that we develop with professionals.

A distinctive and unique capability

PMSelect are equipped to be able to introduce the most able candidates for a position. The List below illustrates the way that we work to provide this service to businesses where project management is recognized to be of critical importance.

  1. Eye Openers
    Able to access people not currently seeking a new position

  2. Talent Spotters
    Able to distinguish the particular abilities of project professionals and the level at which they are capable of working

  3. Track Changers
    Able to access project professionals who are not considering your sector or the kind of role that you are looking to fill.
    (eg professionals in a maturing/commodity business sector attracted to join a more vital/growing/PM immature business sector)

  4. Career Counsellors
    Able, as project professionals, to understand project management in all its many guises and develop a close rapport with fellow professionals

  5. Assessors
    Able to deploy assessment tools (some custom-developed) to identify candidates for short-listing and for supporting clients’ final selection, using Assessment Centres and Executive Selection methods

  6. Performance Improvers
    Able to work cost-effectively, conserving your own valuable resources. Capable of deep market penetration and faster results

  7. Resourcing Strategists
    Able to understand the role to be filled, recognise the most likely sources of candidates and where in the market candidates are most likely to be found.

  8. Managers
    Able to manage an assignment as a project, keeping the client informed, delivering the solution and facilitating trouble-free entry.

PMSelect is managed by experienced project management professionals.

Consultants are qualified

MCIPD (Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)
APMP (Association for Project Management)
PMI Member (Project Management Institute)
BSc Engineering
Human Resource Management

MBTI Practitioner
PRINCE2 Qualified

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