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Assessment Centres
- facilitating an informed selection decision

So, you have a short-list of candidates and you know that the appointment is business-critical. Project Management is an eclectic occupation: even after a careful job analysis, the list of abilities you require will remain long. It is a 'tall order' for the task of selection. Moreover, many of the abilities you need to look for are well hidden and difficult to detect using the interview alone.

You must appoint disciplined people who are also socially and politically astute, methodical and with high levels of emotional intelligence. They must know how to secure the confidence of their stakeholders, lead their team and adapt to circumstances as they arise. They must be people who can handle complexity, never lose the plot and possess the personal qualities and maturity needed to overcome confusion, conflict and adversity.

Yes, it is a tall order! Well designed and delivered, an Assessment Centre is the most effective way we know to acquire a comprehensive appreciation of professional ability. It is also a very useful way to present (and sell) your business and its values to potential members of your team.

Projects offer huge leverage to a business - the stakes are often high. Using an Assessment Centre, people are placed in situations not dissimilar to those encountered in every-day working. In this way candidates can be expected to display some of the responses and behaviours that will demonstrate their maturity as project managers.

Assessment Centre methods have been developed by PMSelect specifically to assess the competence of project management professionals. Using 20Keys, we have identified the primary factors known to determine the success of project organisations and project managers and we use this as a basis for Assessment Centre design. PMSelect deploy both standard BPS approved as well as proprietary assessment methods.

The Selection Matrix

Assessment activities are chosen and organised to provide an Assessment Centre specified for a particular recruitment assignment. The event is normally managed by PMSelect's consultants in collaboration with a client's own staff. The Matrix below is an example of how abilities are assessed using six selection methods and Twenty Keys.

  Key CV Self Assess Q’nr Prestn. Case Study
Group Exercise Interview
 1.1 Reqd. Project Management Capability.    
1.2 Req. Adjustment
& Presence
1.3 Reqd.
Competence Range
1.4 Reqd. Education
and Training
1.5 Reqd. Capacity to
Learn and Achieve
2.1 Organisational
2.2 Project
2.3 Complexity        
2.4 The
2.5 Know-How        
3.1 A Working
3.2 Leadership      
3.3 A Capable
3.4 Emotional
4.1 Strategic
4.2 Enterprise
4.3 Planning/Control
4.4 Resource
4.5 Stakeholder
4.6 Clarity
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