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Careers in Consultancy

PMSelect enable talented senior project professionals to secure positions in project management consultantancy

Project professionals are recruited into consultancies at all stages of a project management career. They can work as independents and as associates to large practices. Interim managers often act as project managers and executives on a contract for services.

Many project professionals prefer to work on a contract basis, working in a project manager role and are also referred to as consultants. Some examples of the roles project managers

  • Reviewing projects and project organisations
  • Training and development of project staff
  • Investigating and reporting
  • Facilitating organisation change
  • Operating project/programme offices
  • Conducting surveys
  • Technical audits

Global Consultancy firms
Some large consultancies see a turnover of consultants in the 30/40-age range, of people looking to widen their career experience. There they find the opportunity to develop skills as a consultant and mentor and to experience project management as practiced across businesses and sectors. Consultancies deploy project professionals in this way to use their talent and to build the network of contacts across sectors. A proportion stay on as consultants, becoming account managers and practice partners.

Some of the most accomplished project professionals move to supervising and mentoring less experienced project managers (rather than manage projects directly)' as well as managing programmes at a senior business level (Portfolio). This experience prepares them well for working as a consultant.

Consultants are people who are often more fascinated by management as a process than in occupying an executive role. They enjoy the variety offered by consultancy, the networking and the opportunity for innovation and selling. The work is well paid.

Other opportunities
Project management consultancy is a growing industry and there are many practices employing 10-100 consultants, as well as retaining associates on their books. Some consultants will also set-up to work on their own as sole traders.

People who choose consultancy
A consultant must be expert in their subject and, as an adviser and trainer and mentor, know how to share this specialist knowledge. They need also to be people who like to work independently and to regard selling their services as a matter of routine. They need to be accomplished communicators. To survive, they must be able to read the politics of an organisation and able to judge the most appropriate tactics to deliver the benefits required.

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