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PMSelect provides vital decision support for clients recruiting busy executives.

Finding, attracting and selecting people for these important roles are often critical issues for management teams. At any level, the role is demanding and the people who succeed present particular qualities. Requirements vary with company style, seniority and specialisation; but it is our experience that the competencies required, form two distinct groups:

  • Group One: indicating rational, systematic and methodical abilities
  • Group Two: indicating personal, organisational and political abilities

Ability under the first group can be expected to emerge from a well-conducted interview; however the interview method is less reliable for determining the abilities associated with the second.

With the increasing emphasis now being placed on Group Two abilities (sometimes referred to loosely as the 'soft' skills, including emotional intelligence), attention has focused on more reliable methods for candidate selection. There are a number of methods that can be deployed and most are based upon some kind of 'activity' approach. PMSelect design and manage Assessment Centres. We also provide 'Executive Assessment', a service particularly suited to assessing professionals being considered for more senior positions.

PMSelect offer the Executive Assessment based on psychometrics and feedback interview, conducted by a fully qualified and experienced Occupational Psychologist and specialist in the field of project management competence. A full report is prepared for the client, devoid of psychology jargon and written with the position for which selection is being conducted, very much in mind. The method uses BPS accredited instruments and includes full feedback to the candidate.

The Executive Assessment has been widely used for development and assessment centers and was recently deployed to assemble a complete management team to launch a major new telecommunications joint venture. The assessment takes five hours and two candidates can complete the process in the same day. This arrangement was developed to be least intrusive for busy executives and is confidential. The method has been used for a number of years and, as an added bonus, has been very well received and appreciated by candidates.

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