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Planning a Recruitment Assignment
- the Project Plan

The objective is to find, attract, select and manage the introduction of someone who is to become a key member of our client's management team. Once a complete and clear Recruitment Requirement has been established, the search can begin in earnest. The consultant is supported in the early stages of the work by a researcher specialising in the field of project management.

A recruitment assignment, like any other project, has risks and uncertainties and a great deal depends on the accuracy of the requirement and the project being conducted methodically. PMSelect use The Recruitment Life-Cycle, illustrated below, as the basis of our planning.

PMSelect and the Recruitment Life-Cycle

  1. Define the requirement
    PMSelect consultants are project professionals. They work closely with the client to determine the all-important Recruitment Requirement. Reveal is used to specify the professional contribution expected, competences and the probable background experience of candidates. A project plan, using this life-cycle model is prepared and agreed with the client at this stage.

  2. Find the people
    We are well-connected to the project management community and use researchers who specialise in locating senior project professionals in all sectors and roles.

  3. Present the opportunity
    We look to develop a close rapport with able project professionals. Through an agenda of career development, a particular opportunity is explored. The effectiveness of this work of course depends on a complete and clear Recruitment Requirement.

  4. Pre-assess candidates
    To form the short-list, the consultant will identify promising candidates from their CV and a telephone interview. This will lead, typically, to the use of web-based assessment methods and to a professional interview. (The Assessment Model)

  5. Recommend a short-list
    A report for each short-list candidate is prepared showing an assessment against the Reveal profile and includes notes on personal circumstances. The final short-list is agreed with the client at a presentation of these reports.

  6. Final selection and offer
    Our consultants work with the client to manage the client's final selection process, without delay. (A timetable, agreed with the client in the project plan helps here.) Arrangements for an Assessment Centre or Executive Assessment meeting using tools bespoke to the assessment of project management capability can be provided.

  7. Making connection
    After an offer has been made and leading up to the date of commencement, our consultant will continue to work to resolve contract, personal and domestic issues.
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