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Preferred Suppliers

We find, attract, select and recommend project professionals well suited to a particular role.

As preferred suppliers to businesses for whom managing projects is a business imperative, we are recognised for the following strengths.

  • Assignment Management
    Our consultants are project managers who use their skills to plan the work to be done, continually review progress and keep all stakeholders informed. A project plan is agreed with the client at the commencement of an assignment and the client kept informed of progress. The principal issues that can be expected to impact the quality and speed of delivery are examined at the beginning and will drive the strategy for search.
  • Professionally Informed
    PMSelect’s consultants specialise only in project management, an occupation in which they both are qualified and experienced. They have well-developed consultant skills and are also capable Human Resource professionals. These are the foundation for our ability to understand the requirement and to find, assess and attract candidates who will suit a position.

  • Price/Value/Time
    PMSelect provide a service that gives access to the community of project professionals. As well as deploying research to locate able people, project and programme leaders are referred to us by their friends and colleagues. We examine with them their career options and strategies. A high proportion of placements take people into roles and sectors that they had hitherto not considered. The field of candidates available for a position is thereby extended beyond that available from a general recruitment approach. Fees are however comparable and can be significantly less. Client management time spent on the process is reduced to a minimum.
  • Quality Processes
    PMSelect have developed processes to support the Recruitment Life Cycle at every stage. Twenty Keys, PMSelect’s model for assessing ability and experience, lies behind a process for:

    • Developing the Recruitment Requirement
    • Career counselling, Strategy and Planning
    • Selection methods for producing the short-list
    • Assessment Centres
    • Executive Assessment
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