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The Recruitment Requirement

Every project organisation and every project management role is different. It is important to recognise an employer's performance expectations, the competences required and the professional experience of the people who we will be looking for. There will be no perfect candidates. There will be trade-offs and we need to know and understand the requirement well to be able to recognise where these may be found.

PMSelect have developed a process known as 'Reveal' to help us collect the information needed from our client - rapidly and effectively. Recruiting is a project. As with all projects, defining the requirement is critical.

While the core competencies of a project professional are universal, any position will also require that candidates show other specialist skills and knowledge to serve the context of the role. When personal qualities, style, geographical preferences, career direction and 'chemistry' are added to the list, all of which can be significant factors when assessing candidates and promoting career opportunities, the need for thoroughness in defining the recruitment requirement becomes obvious.

Reveal, as well as highlighting the performance indicators and business context of the position, indicates the key project management competencies required and the likely professional project management experience of strong candidates. Using Reveal, we develop a comprehensive requirement definition sufficient to find, interest, select and recommend candidates able to do the job.

'Reveal' - includes a mapping of competences and experience

The Recruitment Requirement
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