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Every project professional is recognised to have a unique capability. PMSelect need to understand and appreciate this as a set of competencies and professional experience. We seek to appreciate the pattern of career that has been followed and the professional strengths that have been acquired.

PMSelect consultants have found that people vary in the capacity to communicate their abilities as a project management and therefore their value as a professional. This can be because the subject has been too close to them or that articulating their story is unfamiliar. We have developed a number of approaches to overcome this and the Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is one. Completing the SAQ draws-out their experience under a series of project management headings.

Professionals, as candidates and when undertaking a career review, (see Career Pointers), have valued this tool for exploring career options. They find that it helps them to see their capability more objectively and can highlight their strengths and learning needs. Often, they have not before considered their professional work with such insight. We have found the SAQ to be a valuable source of information and understanding when conducting career reviews and when assessing candidates for particular project executive or consultant appointments.

The following lists topics from a typical SAQ

  1. Sector and technical knowledge/aptitude
  2. Project Management tools and techniques
  3. Deploying multi-function/discipline teams
  4. Specifying the solution
  5. Project Planning and control
  6. Managing the stakeholders
  7. Customer relationships
  8. Delivering contract profitability
    (for work delivering value to an external customers)
  9. Delivering organisation change
    (for work delivering improved internal processes/structures/performance)
  10. Quality and continuous improvement
  11. Identifying and managing development needs of staff
  12. Problem solving
  13. Promotion of project working
  14. Use of IT.
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